The last 24 hours

Most of this story i am writing based on pictures he showed me of myself after.  I was blind, so i could not see the items.


Sir tells me to stand up in front of him.  I’m wearing ballet boots, my collar and my chastity belts.  He started by applying a metal gag that fills my whole mouth and throat.  I hate this gag.  It only allows me to breathe through my nose and forces my tongue down.  It also locks my teeth shut. Next he applied earplugs then a sensory deprivation hood made of latex that covers my entire head aside from my nostrils. My hair was pulled through a small hole in the back. I then felt extreme pressure on my head as he inflated the outer part of this hood.  He inserted something up my right nostril that I can only assume is to force feed me water.  He pulled my wrist into a prayer tie position behind me. My Palms were taped together with pink tape behind my head. I leather strap encircled my wrist. My metal collar was tightened to one of the tightest settings that almost makes me choke and the leather strap around my wrist was secured to it. I struggled hard as this is one of the most painful positions I can be put in.   I cried out but couldn’t make any sound.  This only bought me shocks to my pussy and ass.  I pulled harder trying to slip my wrist from the leather.  He finally held my nose so I couldn’t breathe until I stopped struggling. He then forcefully pulled my elbows together with more leather straps and wrapped multiple leather straps around my arms between my elbow and wrist. I tried to cry out in pain again but the hood and gag prevented it. I try to beg him to loosen it up but begging was impossible. I was laid down on the floor and my bra was removed. He attacked my nipples to two clamps on the floor which would prevent me from rolling over or on my side. As the clamps bit my tender nipples I struggled hard pulling against them but it only made it worse. Next he pulls my head back and ties my hair to my belt forcing my head to remain back. The immense pressure was enough on my head but now my hair being continuously pulled makes it worse. He removes my shoes and latex socks.  I start kicking like a baby having a tantrum.  Sir gave me a powerfull spank on my ass which caused me to pull against the nipple clamps.  He folds my legs and steps each ankle to my thigh. He then puts a spreader bar in between my knees forcing my legs wider than they should ever go painfully. He straps the spreader bar to the floor to keep me from having any movement. Next he tied my toes and pulled them tight binding them to my waist. This forced them to point painfully.

Throughout the 24 hours he spanked my ass, cropped my feet, held my whole body up so it would pull on my nipples and cut off my air.  He left the vibrators in my belt running the entire time on max but I would get shocked every time I was about to cum.  I felt cum get shot all over my body especially my feet over and over again.  I can only imagine he invited others over because sir doesn’t have that much cum.  After 24 hours he let my arms free and removed the hood retying my hair forcing my head back.  (12 noon) He gave me my phone and left me to suffer more.  He tickled my feet for hours never removing the gag.  At 5 pm he finally let me go completely but not before putting my bra back on.  My breast hurt so much from not being milked for 24 hours so he started milking me immediately while I showered.  I’m still gagged as well.  I may have gotten a little sleep last night but not much with a vibrator humming and in so much pain.  I hope he will will fuck me tonight since I am so turned on and horny.


Author: Bound Charlotte

I'm a 25 year old girl who loves latex, bondage and most things kinky. This is a blog for many of my experiences over the years. I’m happily married to my husband and master who I will refer to as “Sir”. He controls every aspect of my life. I’m currently an engineer and have a hobby of making some really fun bondage toys. If I’m not blindfolded and bound I am always locked into a chastity belt, chattily bra and high heels. I’m not allowed to see or feel any of these areas since they belong to sir. Anyone else is allowed to touch these areas if given the chance. I really like latex and wear it almost all the time. Sir puts me in bondage every night to prevent sleep walking or waking him up. -Bound Charlotte

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